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Adwords LP Tracking Setup Process
Posted by Shane Libow on 12 June 2018 10:06 AM

Conversion Tracking for Adwords Interface 2018+


-Open corresponding Adwords account

-On the top right of the screen click on the white wrench

-Under "Measurement" click on the "Conversions" tab

-Click the Blue "+" button to Create a new Conversion Action

-Choose the Websites Button

-Add conversion name ex:"LP Conversions"

-Choose the lead category & choose "Use the same value for each conversion"

-Count every conversion as "One"

-Under "Tag Setup" choose "install the tag yourself"

-Copy the Global site tag AND the Event Snippet

-Login the clients Admin Panel

-Choose  the "Forms" Tab

-Find the corresponding Form and click on the Green Eye to view it.

-Choose "Conformation Messege"

-Under the "Tracking Code" Section Pate BOTH the Global Site Tag & the Event Snippet



*Using the "Google Tag Assistant" to check to make sure its correctly tracking is recommended.*

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