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Connections Overview
Posted by Aministrator 220 on 16 December 2015 08:43 AM

Connections is a powerful tool to manage directories within your website. This can be a list of staff members, local resources, recommended professionals, and much more. Each listing can contain a great deal of information about an individual or organization. How much information you wish to provide is entirely up to you. Let's take a look at how a listing is displayed and the options you have for each.

  1. Connections Appearance
  2. Connections Dashboard
  3. Managing Connections



Connections Appearance

Connections are organized by category, much like posts. Each category will display a list of Connections assigned to that specific category. Below is how your Connections will be listed on a page. 


The Category will show most contact information for your Connections, however the full Bio is hidden. You can view the full bio by clicking the Show Bio link within the Connection.

You can also click on a Connection's Name to be taken to their full page.



Connections Dashboard

By clicking on the main Connections link or the Dashboard link, you will be taken to the Connections Dashboard. From here you can view Connections you have recently added or modified, as well as see important reminders about Connections you have added. Sending out Happy Birthday emails to your Connections is a great way to keep in touch. Clicking on a Connection's Name in blue will take you directly to their editing page.




Managing Connections

By clicking the Manage link under the Connections menu, we are taken to an overview page where we can view all of the Connections we have added. From here we can view information such as the Connection Name, Categories that a Connection is assigned to, and when the Connection was last modified. Connections can be filtered by Category, Type (Individual, Organization, Family), or by Visibility (Public, Private, Unlisted). You can also filter by Character which will be the first initial of the Connection's last name.

From here you can also change multiple posts at once through the Bulk Actions feature. This will allow you to Approve or Unapprove, change Visibility, or Delete multiple connections at one time. 

Hovering your mouse over a connection will display additional fields including Edit, Copy, Delete, Show Details, vCard, and View. The Copy function can be valuable for adding Connections that share similar information but require a few minor changes. The vCard function will export a .VCF file to your computer for use in other places such as Outlook Contacts. Show details will display the remaining information about a Connection without taking you off the page.

Show Details will display all of a Connections information such as their contact information and Bio. This is convenient for viewing a snapshot of these details without having to leave the page. 

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