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Quick Start Guide
Posted by on 08 February 2016 03:07 PM

The Admin Panel will provide you with access to your Account Information, Leads, Contacts, Website, Marketing Tools, and various website and account Settings. This Quick Start Guide will be a reference on how to manage these different areas within your Admin Panel. Each of the below sections can be found in the main navigation menu on the left side of your admin panel.


The first section you are taken to once you login to your admin panel will be Home. From here you can view how many new leads and how many total leads you currently have as well as how many emails have been sent and how many are pending. You will also be able to view a Leads Month Comparison graph to see how many leads each lead capture tool has generated on a monthly basis. The home screen is designed to offer a general overview of various site data. 


The Leads section is going to allow you to access you leads as well as manage those leads. There are four main tabs within the leads section which are Overview, List of Leads, Form 1003, and Lead Distribution.

  • Overview - The Overview tab will provide you with a snapshot of new leads and total leads for each individual lead capture. From here, you can access the leads for a specific lead capture by clicking the green eye icon  in the corresponding row. You can also view a pie chart of leads generated by each lead capture. You can also view a snapshot of leads generated by month as well. 
  • List of Leads - The List of Leads tab will allow you to see all of the leads that have been generated on your website. Your newest leads will appear at the top of the list while older ones will be at the bottom. New leads that have not been viewed will appear in green, while leads that have been viewed will be white. You can also sort your leads by different categories such as Source Form, Lead, Date, and who the lead is assigned to. From here you can view the details of your lead  , email your lead , or delete your lead
  • Form 1003 (Mortgage Only) - From the Form 1003 tab, you can access your completed 1003 applications. To view an application you will click the view button . From here you can view the full application directly in the admin panel, download a Fannie Mae File, download a PDF copy of the application, or download the completed Disclosure form.  
  • Lead Distribution - The Lead Distribution tab allows you to select the manner in which your leads are distributed to users you have created. You can select a distribution type of Round Robin, Fixed, or Random. You can also select which users this distribution type applies to. Lastly, you can assign additional users that will always receive a copy of the lead.


Whenever anyone completes a form on your website, they are automatically added to your List of Contacts. You may also import a list of contacts using a CSV file or add individual contacts manually. There is a Contacts tab and a Groups tab within the Contacts section of the website.

  • Contacts - The main Contacts tab will provide you with an overview of all of your contacts that have either submitted information through a form on your site, or have been added manually or through importing. From here you can view  , edit , or delete those existing contacts . New contacts can be added individually using the Add Contact feature, while large groups of contacts can be added by using the Import Contacts option. Please pay very close attention to the instructions regarding CSV formatting if you are importing contacts. Your column titles must read exactly as they do in the instructions which are firstname, lastname, email, phone. 
    • Opt-In - You are able to see who has opted to receive your newsletter as well as resend your opt-in email to your contacts. To resend your opt-in email, you will select the contacts you wish to receive this email, and click the Resend Opt-In Email button. You will then be allowed to choose which opt-in email you would like to use.
  • Groups - This groups tab will allow you to organize your contacts into groups. By assigning contacts to groups, you can create unique email blasts designed for a specific type of contact such as clients and business partners. 


From the Websites tab you can access your Website Dashboard as well as view information related to the websites you currently have. Click the Access Website Dashboard button  next to the appropriate domain to login to your Website Dashboard. You may also click the View button  to view more information about a particular website. The Website Dashboard can be accessed from this screen as well. 

  • Managing Website Content - There are two types of content that can be created within your website dashboard. These are Posts and Pages. Posts are used for any type of content that is time sensitive or date driven. This can be content such as blog entries, articles, or news stories. Time sensitive information tends to be very social and can encourage conversation through the comments section of the post. Pages on the other hand are used for static content that is unlikely to change. This can be an About Us page or Company Information page. Posts and Pages can both be accessed from the main navigation menu on the left side of your website dashboard.

    Please see our article on Posts and our article on Pages for more information on creating these two types of content.
  • Yoast SEO - For best Search Engine Optimization results it is important that you are completing the Yoast SEO information for each post or page you create. You will find these fields at the bottom of the editing screen when creating posts and pages. For a detailed guide on using the Yoast SEO plugin, please see our Yoast SEO article.


The Marketing tab will be where your Email Marketing Tools are located. This includes the Newsletter, Email Blasting, and Autoresponders used throughout the website. 

  • Newsletter - The Newsletter section of your admin panel will give you control over the many various aspects of your newsletter. This includes editing, pausing, deactivating, previewing, and scheduling the delivery date of your newsletter. Pausing your newsletter will prevent it from being delivered each month, while deactivating will prevent the newsletter from being delivered as well as prevent it from being viewed on your website. You can choose to deliver your newsletter on a specific day of the month, a set day of a specific week each month, or by default, on the first of each month.
  • Eblasts - The Eblasts section allows you to create new Email Blasts, schedule the delivery of those blasts, and view your Email Blast history. You can also pause Email Blasts that are scheduled to be delivered.
  • Autoresponders - Here you can create and edit the Autoresponder emails that are delivered when someone completes a lead form on your website. Clicking the red tags on the left of the page will allow you to automatically populate information in the email such as the contact's first and last name. 


The Support section of your admin panel will provide information on using your Admin Panel and updating your website, as well as allow you to submit tickets directly to our Client Services team. Click Submit a Ticket to create a new request, or click My Tickets to view requests that you have already submitted. 

Clicking Knowledgebase will allow you to view various articles and videos on using your Admin Panel and making changes to your website through your Website Dashboard. 


Within the Billing section of your admin panel you will be able to view your payment history, your next payment date and amount, and update your billing credit card.

Settings - Form 1003 (Mortgage Only)

The Form 1003 section under the main Settings menu will allow you to customize various aspects of your 1003.

  • General Settings - Under the General Settings you can select the Autoresponder used for the 1003, choose between the Full 1003 and a Custom 1003, and choose if Loan Officer selection, SSN, and Credit Check should be Mandatory, Optional, or Hidden. You can also create a custom lead distribution in the event a Loan Officer is not selected.
  • Custom Form 1003 - If you choose to use a Custom Form 1003 rather than the Full 1003, you may make changes to that form within this section. Simply drag and drop questions from one side of the page to the other. Questions on the left are available for use, while questions on the right are currently used on the form.
  • Loan Officers - From the Loan Officers tab you can select which Loan Officers you want to include on your 1003. Drag and drop users from the left of the page to the right of the page to include them in the 1003. Selecting the radio button next to a Loan Officer will pre-select that Loan Officer when someone begins the 1003 application. You may also create a custom field such as "I have not worked with a Loan Officer yet" by typing your message in the box under the Loan Officers Menu.
  • Design Header - If you are using multiple domains and want to create a unique Form 1003 header for each domain, you can do so within this section. This can be useful if you want to use a different domain for each loan officer.