Core Training - For LO's and REA's
Posted by Shauna Stevens on 12 July 2017 08:37 AM

The Core:

a professional mortgage and real estate coaching company that provides mentoring and coaching to mortgage lenders and real estate agents. They sell books and online training programs as well as a monthly membership services.


The Core Program is based on use of The Greatness Tracker: Breaks down the daily and weekly tasks/ goals surrounding building your business and tracks all activities and progress.

  • 15 Face to faces per week
  • 5 times per week Break Bread
  • 60 great phone calls per week
  • 2 seminars attended or held by you per month
  • 21 hours prospecting per week
  • 10 Thank You Cards per week
  • 10 Leads per week
  • 3 Prequalification’s per week

2 Main Subscription Services

12 STEPS TO DOUBLE YOUR INCOME SUBSCRIPTION (Billed Monthly) - $399 per month

  • Member site Access
    • App
    • Workbook
    • Quizzes and Homework
    • Account Manager

With this program you will learn; the exact sales tactics, systems and structure needed to double your income. 

Track your progress and your scores. A new course and lesson every month. A new quiz each month to check your progress.

THE NEXT 24 SUBSCRIPTION (Billed Monthly) - $399 per month

  • WORKBOOK & ONLINE ACCESS – Not only will you receive a workbook, you will also receive access to your own personalized online course. The workbook and website content are designed to give you everything you need to hold yourself accountable and obtain successful results. Upon completion of each lesson, test your knowledge and track your results. Each step ends with an eight-question quiz that YOU MUST PASS to advance to the next step.
  • 24 COURSES- You will have lessons each month on different topics. These topics are strategically designed to assist with your transition from salesperson to business person. Topics include; Database, Wowing Your Clients, Building Your Small Team, Identifying and Working Your Favorite Past 50 Clients, and Advanced Time Management!
  • MONTHLY INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS – You will receive a video overview each month of the new topic. CORE Principals Rick Ruby, Reeta Casey & Kendra Cooke share all their CORE knowledge with you to ensure you are hitting your dashboard.
  • AUDIO COACHING - Listen to our TOP CORE coaches each month as they give you a specific roadmap on how to continue to transition from salesperson to business person!

CUSTOMER AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”)

OBJECTIVES OF TRAINING: The training is designed to accomplish the objectives set forth above.

TERM OF AGREEMENT: The term or duration of this Agreement will be for a minimum of 12-months (the “Initial 12-month Term”). After 12-months, the term or duration will become month-to-month (the “Supplemental Term”).

FEE: The fee for the specific training stated above will be $399 monthly

REFUND POLICY: The CORE Training has a strict no refund policy.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All customer cancellations must be sent in writing, by email, within 72 hours of the customer’s next monthly bill date to or your sales rep.

Any cancellation, for any reason, that occurs prior to the expiration of the Initial 12-month Term, will result in a cancellation fee of $798.00 or 2-months service, whatever is less. The cancellation fee will become due on the day of the customer’s cancellation. No cancellation fee will be charged if a cancellation occurs within the Supplemental Term.

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