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Managing Lead Distribution
Posted by on 08 February 2017 10:26 AM

Lead distribution can be managed for each individual form on your website through the admin panel. To update lead distribution, click on the Leads tab of your admin panel. Once you are in the Leads section, click on the Lead Distribution tab at the top of the page.

Default Lead Assignment Settings

Default Lead Assignment Settings allow you to quickly apply the same lead distribution settings to multiple forms. To use this setting, complete the Default Lead Assignment Settings section. Set the Distribution Method to "Use default settings" for every form that should use this setting.


Default lead distribution is Round Robin and is not specific to forms. This means that no matter what form is completed, if it is using default settings, the Round Robin rotation will be applied.

As an example, let's assume Form 1, Form 2, and Form 3 are using the default settings above and 3 leads are submitted in the following order. 

Form 1 Completed: Assigned to Kyle

Form 2 Completed: Assigned to Oscar

Form 3 Completed: Assigned to Kyle


Round Robin

The Round Robin setting allows you to set a Round Robin distribution for a single form. 

As opposed to default settings, Round Robin is specific to that form only. As another example, let's assume you used the same Round Robin settings above for Form 1, Form 2, and Form 3 and 4 new leads are submitted in the following order.

Form 1 Completed: Assigned to Sam

Form 1 Completed: Assigned to Oscar

Form 2 Completed: Assigned to Sam

Form 3 Completed: Assigned to Sam

3 of the 4 leads will be assigned to Sam because he is listed as the first user on each form. For a more even distribution on forms that use the same settings, you will want to use default settings as opposed to Round Robin.


Based on Question

The "Based on question" Distribution Method will allow you assign leads based on the answers selected for a single question on a form. This can only be applied to questions where a single pre-filled answer can be chosen. This is not available on questions where text can be entered by the user, or where multiple selections can be made. If the question is not answered the user entered in the Lead Assignment column will receive the lead.

To set up this type of distribution, click the Setup Question button. From here you will select the question you want to use, and for each answer, you will select which user will receive the lead. 


Based on User Selected

The "Based on user selected" Distribution Method will allow you to populate a list of users on your form and assign the lead to whichever user is selected from that list. If a user is not selected from the list, the lead will be assigned to the user selected under Lead Assignment.

To create a User List, click the Settings tab, and then click Users. Select the Form User Lists tab. From here you can create new lists and update your existing lists. If your list is not already added to a form, please contact customer service to have this completed.

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